AP English Literature and Composition
Summer Assignments 2011

To complete your assignments, you will need to enroll in Ms. Guarrasi's English 12 Moodle page. See attached directions. If you have used Moodle before, you do not need to create a new login. Make sure to use an email address that you check frequently. ALL ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE TYPED.

Assignment 1 – DUE July 28
Read A Small Island by Andrea Levy.
(Book may be found at a library or purchased—20% discount at Annie's Bookstop.)

Complete online reading log: Journal your responses at the particular points in the text. Insightfully respond at least three times to others' postings. A grading rubric is posted on Moodle which details quality responses.

Analyze the attached passage in a 1-3 page double-spaced essay.

Assignment 2 – DUE August 24
Read both 1984 by George Orwell and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.
(Books are available at the Beverly Public Library.)

Review the passages included in the attached packets. Take the AP-style multiple choice tests posted on Moodle which correspond to each passage. Tests are timed, and will only be open until August 24. You may not retake the tests; your first attempt will be recorded as your grade.

Complete essay: Discuss how both Huxley and Orwell use either technology, sexuality, social standing or propaganda to control the citizens of their respective dystopian societies. You may use attached graphic to prepare your ideas. Essay must follow MLA format, include properly cited quotations from both novels, and be 4-5 pages in length double-spaced.

Be prepared to take a dystopia quiz on these novels during the first days of class.

Pre-requisite Note:
Student requests to take AP courses will be reviewed by guidance and teachers. Students that do not meet the requirements or have a poor grade in a pre-requisite class will receive a letter from administration detailing the concerns. The students can still opt (with parent permission) to take the class against the recommendation. If students fail to turn in the summer assignments or do poorly, they will be dropped from the class following the assignment due dates. Students will receive a letter (during the summer) if they are going to be dropped from the class.