Honors 4/A.P. German 5 students are expected to work on maintaining and expanding their active language skills over the summer. One particularly helpful project is to expand active vocabulary. To do this students should access the www.wordchamp.com website and use the invitation code 77409245 to log onto Herr Guy's home page the first time. At this site they will find all sorts of A.P. Thematic lists to work on. This summer students are expected to work at least once a week on this site---dates, times, duration and scores are recorded--on the lists for A.P. German Thematic 2: Reisen, and A.P. German Thematic 4: Modernes Leben. As you complete each practice session, you will get your scores and a record of the words you had the most trouble with. This once-a-week work will be checked periodically. Be sure you log on under your name on the new Honors 4/A.P. German 5 2012/13 page.

Additionally, students receive a copy of the youth novel "Drei Männer im Schnee" by Erich Kästner to read by August 1st. Students should pick up a hardbound or paperback copy of the book before the end of school from 311. Once finished with the reading, students should write a one page synopsis of the plot auf Deutsch and e-mail it to Herr Guy at: JDouglsGuy@aol.com

Students are encouraged to build their passive language skills by watching the nightly news from Germany. Students can download yesterday's nightly news by going to YouTube and typing in the word "Tagesschau," Look for yesterday's date, then look for the 15 minute broadcast from 8:00 p.m./20.00 Uhr. and finally open or download the file. Students are expected to do this at least twice by August 1st.

Please be aware that students who fail to complete this summer work by August 1st will not be allowed into the class in the fall.