Here are some of the ways in which the library communicates with students, faculty and the community at large.
In addition to these, I also use actual human speech, email and more general school-wide communication methods.

BHS Library Website:
You are technically already there.

A book review blog I began my first summer at BHS to review summer reading books. It is not consistanty updated, but has some good book lists on it.

Summer Reading Library Thing:
A LT account where I warehouse possible summer reading titles for the upcoming year students, faculty and the community can access it.

In the days before everyone knew how to use their handy internet, I used to send out a monthly newsletter. On paper, if you can imagine such a thing. Nowadays with the wonder of modern email, I tend just to use that. Although I do send out paper notices in the fall and in the spring just to remind people about the good old days... Here are a few treasures from the archives.